Common Mistakes to Avoid In Stock Market Investing

Common Mistakes to Avoid In Stock Market Investing
  • On 21 Jun 2023

Common Mistakes to Avoid In Stock Market Investing

Aapka Investments is a platform led by Mr. Hitesh Somani, SEBI Registered Research Analyst and an experienced and passionate stock market trader, and a CFA by profession. The founder was awarded as The Best Stock Market Trainer in Gujarat by Shilpa Shetty and Times Men of The Year Award – 2023. Mr. Hitesh Somani with over a decade of experience in the stock market has nurtured over 1000 students and helped in shaping the lives of the people who are into stock trading. Moreover, he aims to educate as many people in the field of Stock Markets and Technical Analysis as possible.

Before entering, you should know a few common mistakes to avoid in stock marketing investing

  • 1)  Being emotionally invested in the company:

Investors usually tend to choose a company and rely on it; this is a basic mistake they do. If you see a low performance, don’t panic, instead think of your target and make sure you avoid loss.

  • 2)  Expect too much from stock recommendation:

The stock market can be too quick and volatile at times. Hence, it is advisable to keep in mind your objectives and financial goals. If you receive any stock recommendations from others, make sure to do due diligence, and understand the risk factor and investment techniques. Only invest in a stock that matches your financial goals.

  • 3)  Trust the gut feeling:

For beginners following your decision would be a huge mistake because it might not always be correct. Gut feelings are usually mixed with emotions which can lead to losses so ensure that you completely agree with what you are going to invest in.

  • 4)  Following the herd mentality:

It is not important to invest in companies that everybody trusts. Instead, get into the depth of things and understand what would work best for you.

  • 5)  Investing a lump-sum amount:

The biggest mistake to avoid while investing in the stock market is to invest in huge amounts. It is always beneficial to start with small number and follow the wait-and-watch approach. If you invest a lot of money, the damages would be high. Make sure to take a firm decision on how much you want to invest.

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Why choose Aapka Investments?

  1. 1)  They provide one-on-one live sessions for students to understand the Basics Of The Stock Market.
  2. 2)  The team at Aapka Investments provides a career-oriented training curriculum to students who have enrolled in the course.
  3. 3)  They conduct live interactive query sessions for students who have any doubts.
  4. 4)  They tend to provide an integrated learning module online.
  5. 5)  The students can learn some proven trading techniques with real-time discussions from stock trading courses for beginners.
  6. 6)  They provide a lifetime centralized support system to every person enrolled in the stock market trading courses. 


  • 1)  What does Aapka Investment do?

They offer beginner-level courses for students who are keen on learning about the stock market and stock trading.

  • 2)  Where can I find stock-related information?

Aapka Investments conducts learning modules for those who have enrolled and also provides career-oriented training courses. Apart from this, you can always choose to read newspapers, follow stocks closely on online applications, or attend free webinars at Aapka Investments.

  • 3)  Common mistakes to avoid before investing?

You should avoid trusting stock recommendations, investing in lump-sum, trusting your gut, being emotionally invested in the company, and avoiding following the herd mentality.

  • 4)  Where can a beginner learn stock trading?

You can learn stock trading courses for beginners at Aapka Investments.  

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