Technical Analysis Course

Technical Analysis Course

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Instructor: Mr. Hitesh Somani

Language: Hinglish

Training Methods: (1). Live Practical Classroom Training, (2). Live Practical Online Training

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Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating securities trading by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume. Technical analysis is used to determine if a security is trending or not, and if so, in which direction the trend is headed and is used to analyze the price history of the security in order to assess the probability of a future price movement.

Technical analysis is also used to assess market sentiment because the trading volume and price changes reflect changes in supply and demand.

The goal of technical analysis is to use past prices to forecast future prices. Technical analysis can be used to find trends in security prices, determine support and resistance levels, identify chart patterns, and predict the future direction of prices.

What you’ll learn in the Technical Analysis Course?

This course is for those who want to take their understanding of the markets to the next level. It's a deep dive into the world of technical analysis. You'll learn how to use tools like support and resistance, trend lines, channels, and Fibonacci retracements to better understand how markets work. You'll also learn how to identify chart patterns and other trading strategies.

You'll learn how to identify the difference between uptrends and downtrends, and how to read and interpret a variety of charts. You'll also learn how to use the indicators of technical analysis, such as moving averages, stochastics, and MACD. This course will teach you everything you need to know about technical analysis so you can become a confident and knowledgeable trader.

A Technical Analysis Course teaches traders how to analyze charts, indicators, and technical patterns to make informed trading decisions. In this course, you will learn how to read charts, use moving averages, and study the relationships between various indicators. The course will also cover key technical patterns, such as double tops and bottoms, as well as other strategies for trading.

Aapka Investments Technical Analysis Course is great for traders of all levels of experience. It's an effective way to learn the basics of technical analysis or brush up on the skills you've already acquired.

Do you want to learn the fundamentals of technical analysis and be able to start making money trading stocks? Then, this Technical Analysis Course is for you. With this Technical Analysis Course, you will learn the basics of technical analysis, the most popular types of technical analysis and how to use them, and how to read a stock chart.

This course is designed for beginners and you will be given a certificate of completion when you finish.

Aapka Investments Technical Analysis Course is divided into two levels, basic level and advanced level, each of which will improve your knowledge of technical analysis.

Who should learn this Technical Analysis course?

  • Anyone who wants to learn about how to Implement Technical Analysis in the stock market
  • Anyone who wants to learn Technical Trading strategies from beginner to pro-level
  • Anyone who wants to make Big Profits with Less Investments

Course Duration And Batch Timings                                                                                                                     

Course Duration 1.5 Months


Type Days Timings
For Students Regular Weak Days Batches (Monday - Friday) Morning And Evening Batches
For Corporates Special Weak End Batches (Saturday - Sunday) Morning And Evening Batches



Benefits Of Joining This Course From Aapka Investments

  • Placement Assistance
  • Career Guidance
  • Get Trained Under Industry Expert Mr. Hitesh Somani Sir And Other Highly Experienced Faculties
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • 24*7 Faculty Support
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Hinglish Language
  • Proper Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Supportive Staff
  • Practical Applications Learning
  • Interactive Classes
  • Free Demat Opening
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Access To Attend The Sessions Available Only For Online Training

The Technical Analysis Course Is A Combination Of Two Core Courses

Basic of technical Analysis Course

Advanced Technical Analysis Course

The Basic of Technical Analysis Course includes:

  • Technical Analysis Foundation
  • Comparison Between Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  •  Why Technical Analysis?
  • Types of Charts
  • Candlesticks Analysis
  •  Supports & Resistance
  • The Dow Theory
  • Trends & Trend Analysis

The Advanced Technical Analysis Course includes:

  •  Indicators
  •  Types of Indicators
  •  Trend Indicators
  •  Leading Indicators
  •  Lagging Indicators
  •  Chart Patterns
  •  Continuations Patterns
  •  Reversal Patterns

What Our Students Say After Learning This Course:

  • Manish Nagare: This course definitely deserves 5 star rating. Clear, formalised and well explained.

  • Preet Maheshwari: I find Hitesh Sir very informative. The extra bonus that their support team is amazing.

  • Pranshu Patel: I’m Glad that I enrolled for this course. Tried to learn from YouTube but enrolling with this course was the best option to learn technical analysis in the most systematic and formalised manner.

  • Hetal Rao: My very first impression is that the course is awesome. At the same time I understand that the only way to master Technical Analysis is just by practicing.

  • Sujal Bhaskar: Yes, so far it is well up to expectations. The concepts are clearly presented and explained.

  • Aman Maru: Good beginner’s course. Straight forward and easy to understand.

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