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Are you also losing in Intraday Trading?
Are you also confused how to select the right stock?
Do you also want to make 5000- 10,000 daily?

We have brought to you the power pack session on Intraday  Trading that will let you earn consistent profits daily.

Intraday trading requires a good level of strategy and discipline and hence the approach should be simple and robust. In this workshop, we will lay down a simple and proven way in which you will be able to analyse which stock to buy or sell, and where to book profits and secure your position. The strategy that we will teach you is based on volume, trend and momentum.


Instructor: Mr. Hitesh Somani

Language: Hinglish

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  • What is Day Trading?
  • How to make 5000+ in with Day Trading?
  • How to Learn proven Day Trading Strategy?
  • How to Generate Passive Income?
  • How to Maintain Risk-Reward in Day Trading?
  • How to Analyse Buy-Sell Levels?
  • Anyone who is looking for part-time or secondary source of income.
  • Housewife / Working Professionals
  • Businessman or have any trading related issues 
  • Equity / Swing / Positional or Intraday Trader
  • A person looking to build wealth in trading 
  • There is no prerequisite for any prior knowledge for attending this webinar
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