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Stock Market Trading Course

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Instructor: Mr. Hitesh Somani

Language: Hinglish

Training Methods: (1). Live Practical Classroom Training, (2). Live Practical Online Training

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Stock Market Trading Course

The stock market refers to the global markets for publishing, purchasing, and selling securities on stock exchanges. Stocks reflect a company's fractional ownership. Traders buy and sell stocks on the stock exchange. The capital exchange has two primary functions. It allows businesses to obtain capital in order to finance and grow their operations. It allows stock traders to participate in the earnings of publicly listed corporations.

There are several regional stock markets in India, while most other nations have a single stock exchange. Stock trading is the process of purchasing and selling publicly owned company shares in order to make a profit or loss.

Stock market trading for beginners needs to understand that trading is the process of placing buy and sell orders in order to profit from price differences. Active trading and day trading are the two main techniques. A successful trader capitalizes on movements by making 10 or more trades every month. Active traders make bets based on a predicted strike price over a brief period of time.

A day trader never keeps a portfolio open for more than one day; all stocks are bought and sold on the same day. Investing is a long-term tactic in which a trader builds capital over time by retaining positions.

Trading stocks is a good way to supplement your salary, but you must first understand the rules of the game. Choosing the correct shares, with the right advice and training, will guarantee that you make the most return on your capital market investments over the long run.

Anyone who wants to make additional money will learn how to deal in stocks. To become a profitable trader does not need an MBA or stock exchange for several years. Some traders follow a self-taught approach and read books, journals, and blogs, while others take a couple of Stock market Trading Courses to learn how to succeed.

It is essential to consider how the markets operate, the various kinds of shares that you can sell, the purposes of the broker, and the reading of market data before making your first trade.

Stock Market Trading Course from Aapka Investments

Aapka Investments is the one-stop solution for Stock market trading for beginners to teach them how to assess markets is also essential for those without previous experience. You will still need to take time to learn and monitor how to effectively carry out a transaction.

Courses in Aapka Investments will teach you the essentials from opening a trading account and selling shares at various markets to specialist skills such as the trading of candlesticks and the optimization of the portfolio.

Since 2009, Aapka Investments has aimed to educate the general public about stock markets and technical analysis, as well as to promote financial literacy in India. Mr. Hitesh Somani, a highly trained Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and seasoned broker with an in-depth knowledge of for stock market lead the best-qualified team of Aapka Investments.

Aapka Investments has been focusing on shaping the lives of people who want to start their journey in the stock market and practice advanced trading strategies to make a prosperous career in the capital markets by providing top-notch quality stock market trading courses.

Aapka Investments gives you the best stock market training module crafted by CFA Hitesh Somani from his 15 years of stock trading experience.

What You Will Learn In This All In One Stock Market Trading Course?

The All In One Stock Market Trading Course Is A Combination Of 5 Core Stock Market Courses

  1. Options Trading Course
  2. Intraday Trading Course
  3. Basics Of Derivates Course
  4. Advanced Technical Analysis Course
  5. Basics Of Technical Analysis Course

This course is designed for all those who want to learn everything about the stock market from basics to experts. This course will include 5 certification programs. Highly recommended to those who want to master stock market trading from scratch.

After completion of this course, nothing will stop you to make consistent profits from the stock market. You’ll be able to earn Rs.5000+ on daily basis. Learn everything about stock market trading in the most recommended formalized way.

This course includes 500+ concepts to make you an expert trader.

Who Should Learn All In One Stock Market Trading Course?

  • This course is perfect for every beginner who wants to learn all the aspects when investing in
  • stocks as they will become an expert by the end of the course
  • Best course for more experienced investors who want to improve their skills, learn new insights, or gain more confidence

Course Duration

Course Duration 2 Months

Batch Timings

Type Days Timings
For Students Regular Week Days Batches( Monday - Friday ) Morning And Evening
For Professionals And Business Owners Special Week-End Batches ( Saturday- Sunday) Morning And Evening

Benefits Of Learning This All In One Stock Market Trading Course From Aapka Investments

  • Placement Assistance
  • Career Guidance
  • Get Trained Under Industry Expert Mr. Hitesh Somani Sir And Other Highly Experienced Faculties
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • 24*7 Faculty Support
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Hinglish Language
  • Proper Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Supportive Staff
  • Practical Applications Learning
  • Interactive Classes
  • Free Demat Opening
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Access To Attend The Sessions Available Only For Online Training

Following Are The Main Topics That Are Going To Be Covered In This All In One Stock Market Trading Course  

 1. Options Mastery

Basics of Options

Options Mastery Strategy 01

Options Mastery Strategy 02

Options Mastery Strategy 03

Positional Strategy For Options

Option Writing Strategy

2. Basics Of Derivatives

Introduction to Derivatives

Futures and Options

Basics of Options

Terminologies used in Options

Options Strategies

Options Writing

How Options can be useful

3.  Intraday Mastery

Stock Finders & Key Level Strategy

One Pattern Analysis Strategy

Gainers & Losers Strategy

Nifty & BankNifty Breakout Strategy

Price Action Trading Strategy

4. Basics of Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Foundation

Comparison Between Technical And Fundamental Analysis

 Why Technical Analysis?

Types of Charts

Candlesticks Analysis

Supports & Resistance

The Dow Theory

Trends & Trend Analysis

5. Advanced Technical Analysis

Types of Indicators

Trend Indicators

Leading Indicators

Lagging Indicators

2 Special Indicators by Hitesh Sir

Chart Patterns

Continuations Patterns

Reversal Patterns

What Our Students Say After Learning This Course:

  • Sarvesh Kadam: This has been the best investment I made so far. I needed to learn systematically from scratch, and this course is exactly what every beginner is looking for.

  • Krishna Tanwar: Best course. Sir explains key concepts in a very concise and engaging manner. I’m excited to kick-start my investing journey!

  • Heet Shah: Excellent content! Very well structured. Now I have a better understanding of investment styles and strategies. Thank You!!

  • Yogendra Hande: I can truly attribute this course. It is a Life-change and I will be always grateful for Hitesh Sir.

  • Harsh Walia: This is must-take course if you are interested in doing lifelong investing. This course literally covers everything.

  • Jitendra Marda: This is fantastic place to start for anyone interested in investing. Hitesh sir makes it easy and enjoyable to watch and learn with utmost practicality.

  • Kushagra Jadhav: Best

  • Atharva Modi: This has been the best investment I made so far. I needed to learn systematically from scratch, and this course is exactly what every beginner is looking for.

  • Vikram Maini: It was a great journey, I am doing paper trading for some time and then I will start real trading. Thank you so much Hitesh sir.

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